Remove file from Git History

This is a way how to remove a file from the history How Remove Files completely from git repository history The full problem is more complicated. See e.g. 4 Ways to Remove Files from Git Commit History

List of standard tools

To get the list of installed programs run as administrator wmic /output:C:\InstalledPrograms.txt product get name,version Macrium Reflect FreeFreeFileSync7-ZipPaint.NET (Portable )

Configuration of Azure Support Tools

Azure KeyVault Explorer The Azure KeyVault Explorer seems to be for MS internal usage. The standard configuration is just supporting Microsoft Internal accounts. To change this go to the settings and correct the Authority to (from default

Remember ssh key in WSL

For development purposes we currently still need ssh authentication for git. Most of the solutions require to enter the passphrase multiple times. But now there is a better solution, which requires it just when the wsl is starting. First install the keychain to hold the secret sudo apt install keychain Then add the following line …

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Switch Terraform Version

With several projects it happens that you need to switch the terraform version. The solution to this is a helper called tfswitch How to manage different terraform versions for each project | by Warren Veerasingam | Medium Afterwards we can change the terraform version with In addition tfswitch reads the terraform file in the …

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