Keyvault and Azure Functions

We want to manage secrets from within a portal developed azure function in c#. In the following we develop a function, which is able to save / update a secret into a keyvault This post was inspired by Prerequisits We first create a resource group (here keyvaulttest) and within this 3 resources– a keyvault …

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Custom Azure DevOps banner

With a customer I have today seen the first time that there is a feature of custom message banners in Azure DevOps. This can not be set via the UI but is a command line only option. Documentation can be found here

Get Last Login from Azure

Since long it was complicated to get the last login timestamp of all users from azure. With the introduction of MS Graph for Powershell this has changed partly. For this to work it is expected that the Powershell 7.1 is installed and started with pwsh.exe

User Secrets in Visual Studio

Beside the normal project file based secrets Azure Function solution have another way of configuring user secrets.The project file contains the following property: The UserSecretsId can be found as directory name with a secrets.json file%appdata%\Microsoft\UserSecrets\e49ded1f-262d-428b-81bb-3fd6941e1261´\secrets.jsonThis contains the typical settings as else be found in local.settings.json: In addition there is also an option to open it …

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