Keyvault and Azure Functions

We want to manage secrets from within a portal developed azure function in c#. In the following we develop a function, which is able to save / update a secret into a keyvault This post was inspired by Prerequisits We first create a resource group (here keyvaulttest) and within this 3 resources– a keyvault

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User Secrets in Visual Studio

Beside the normal project file based secrets Azure Function solution have another way of configuring user secrets.The project file contains the following property: The UserSecretsId can be found as directory name with a secrets.json file%appdata%\Microsoft\UserSecrets\e49ded1f-262d-428b-81bb-3fd6941e1261´\secrets.jsonThis contains the typical settings as else be found in local.settings.json: In addition there is also an option to open it

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